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Big Data UL Information Center

Jun 04, 2016

  With the advent of the age of big data, driving rapid growth in the resource centre, but data center infrastructure architecture, there are risks everywhere. In addition, the data center failure caused by the loss of the past is hard to estimate, for example, last year was the fire in the engine room of the building, cause network crashes, and Google have occurred before data center power outages in Georgia last year.

  Because the data must rely on electricity to transmit information centre, faces two challenges-temperature rise and power quality. Data centers typically have to spend enormous power in cooling, and in order to ensure 24-hour continuous operation, in addition to a stable source of electricity, UPS power system also enables data center through a power outage, generator has yet to start operation of the transition. However, while reliability has been achieved validation 99.999%,UL data center solutions Asia Pacific business development manager Chen Limin said that information center of significant failure cases over the past five years, a loss of electrical power still accounts for the greatest number, 32%, then IT problems, fire, hacker attacks, environmental factors, air conditioning equipment and other reasons