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Photovoltaic Roof, Photovoltaic Drying Rack, Photovoltaic Water Cup... There Is No Shortage Of Photovoltaic Applications In Your Life!

Feb 11, 2018

The first impression of photovoltaic power is to make money on the roof, and most people think that pv is only suitable for large areas of buildings or flats. However, with the continuous progress of The Times, people's needs are constantly being excavated, and the designer's imagination is abundant, and the photovoltaic system is just hanging in the future.

Pv Outlines future life.

Every kind of idea is the demand for the future, with the progress of science and technology, each kind of demand will be achieved, know pv cadbury, and we will do whatever it takes to make it close to our life, for our service, so bold designers will design a leisurely life cannot little people ahead of photovoltaic products, such as:

1. Pv solar butterfly drying rack.


It is said that this is a of this dryer has the butterfly general shape, but its creative is far more than that, clamp cover solar panels on clothes when absorb solar energy during the day, at night can be achieved by the led illumination function, a multi-purpose content, is very convenient.

2. Photovoltaic solar water cup.

Sometimes busy work let we even had no time to drink a mouthful of hot water is cold out, which in the glass surface with a layer of solar water heat absorption material, can keep the water temperature, the only need to do is put it in a sunny window.

3. Photovoltaic bonsai solar charger.

It cleverly mimicked the photosynthesis of plants through the branching structure of the tree, where flexible solar panels can absorb solar energy in all directions without moving. In addition to charging the rechargeable battery, and connecting the USB port to the digital device, the built-in LED will automatically light up after the night and act as a night light.

4. Design of photovoltaic solar energy creative electric vehicle.

The bike is fully integrated with a solar panel charging model, which can be charged at the same time even in a ride. Very convenient and practical.

Seeing the imagination of these designers, I really admire it! Pv has not only played a role in the roof, the future pv products must be small to the clamps, big to the world! Maybe your pen is made of photovoltaic, so there is a common name for "photovoltaic products".

The development of photovoltaic (pv) to everyone, and as more and more photovoltaic products, more than the designer's idea will be implemented one by one, only you can't think of, no photovoltaic (pv) can't do, photovoltaic (pv) is developed from an idea and then to today's prosperity, we can't deny the world in the future will also have a photovoltaic (pv) one day, we need to pv, take photovoltaic thousands of society, I need you to him!

With all that said, are you still unfamiliar with photovoltaic? It has crept into your life, and you need it!