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PV EXPO, Tokyo, Japan.

Jan 27, 2018

The exhibition is hosted by the world famous Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. Japan international solar energy exhibition:



3. [fuel cell exhibition FC EXPO]



6. [BATTERY development BATTERY JAPAN]

7. [ecological residential and architectural exhibition ECO HOUSE & ECOBUILDING EXPO]


9. [PROCESSING technology exhibition PROCESSING]

It is the largest, most professional and influential renewable energy industry exhibition in Japan and Asia.

Will be. The exhibition has become the best platform to open up the world's second largest solar market and the growing Asian solar market. At the same time, many professional BBS, seminars and special lectures will be held to showcase the most advanced solar technology and predict the development trend of the industry.

Japan is the world's major energy consumer, and its energy is heavily dependent on imports. Resource-poor Japan has been actively developing solar energy for years, and solar technology is an important part of Japan's national development policy. Meti use all kinds of measures and projects, the development of domestic photovoltaic industry and capacity, including "new sunshine project", "5 years of photovoltaic power generation technology research and development plan" and "residential pv system promotion plan". According to statistics, the market share of solar products in Japan has reached 30%, after Germany's 39%. As the world's second largest solar pv market, the Japanese government has been providing assistance to popularize the use of solar cells.

Since 1994, a grant of 900,000 yen /KW has been issued, amounting to nearly half of the system's price. The suspension system in 2005, but since 2009, the Japanese government again solar subsidies for domestic purposes, for China's solar energy export enterprise, good chance is to enter the Japanese market.

From the app side, in Japan, you can easily see single crystal photovoltaic panels in every situation, building roof, greenhouse greenhouse, surface photovoltaic... With the support of the government, Japan's distributed photovoltaic system has been greatly developed in the past two years. The advantages of the single crystal panel, such as the intensive, beautiful, and more power generation, are of great significance, thus developing rapidly. In fact, there are many places in Japan where single crystal products are used.

In addition, in terms of production supply, single crystal components also occupy an absolute mainstream position in Japan. According to the association of Japan sun power generation data (below), the 2015 fiscal year in the first three season (not statistics) in the fourth quarter in Japan single crystal component production amounted to 771532 kw, accounted for 57%, far more than 43%. It can be seen that Japan attaches more importance to monocrystal components than polycrystalline components.

It can be said that, after the development of the previous year, the advantages of single crystal have been recognized by the industry, showing a strong return trend and combination.

The technology development trend and national policy direction of the photovoltaic industry can predict that the single crystal will rise again in 2018.