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Solar Power Generators Are Not Good For Solar Generators.

Feb 18, 2018

A solar-powered generator is good.

The advantages of a solar power generator.

1. Independent power supply, independent of geographical location, no consumption of fuel, no mechanical rotating parts, short construction period and random size;

2. Compared with thermal power generation and nuclear power generation, solar power generation will not cause environmental pollution, safe and reliable, noiseless, environmentally friendly and beautiful, with low failure rate and long life;

3, easy tear open outfit, mobile convenience, low cost of engineering installation, can be easily combined with buildings, without embedded high transmission lines, cable laying over a long distance can be avoided when the destruction of vegetation and environment and engineering cost;

4, widely used in all kinds of electrical appliances, very suitable for lack of electricity, without electricity in the family, country, prairie areas, mountains, island, highway in remote places, such as household electrical appliances and lighting applications.

5. It is permanent. As long as the sun exists, solar power can be invested and used for a long time.

6. The solar power system can be combined with small and medium sized power plants, ranging from large to one million kilowatts, to only one solar power generation group, which is unmatched by other power sources.

The disadvantages of solar energy generator.

1. Affected by weather and weather. Electricity generation varies from time to time, and the weather varies from day to day. Because solar panels rely on sunlight, even small clouds can affect power generation and power output. In rainy and cloudy weather, solar generators can provide very little power.

2. Unless the extra electricity generated during the day is stored, it will not be possible to use electrical appliances in the evening, either for emergency purposes or to provide electricity to homes. The typical way to store solar energy today is to use a 12-volt battery. Solar power systems can use standard car batteries, but because they are used and charged frequently, the best batteries are deep - circulating seawater batteries. In most cases, the 4-6 batteries are combined to form a battery pack that can store electricity for a few days to a week in case of need.

Solar power generator working principle.

Directly by sunlight on solar panels generate electricity, and the battery charging, can is a dc energy saving lamps, radio, TV, DVD, satellite TV receiver products such as power supply, this product has the overcharge, discharge, short circuit, temperature compensation, the battery reverse connect protection function, can be output dc 12 v and 220 v alternating current. Split design, compact size, easy to carry, safe to use.

Solar generators consist of three parts: solar cell components; Charge, discharge controller, inverter, test instrument and computer monitor and other power electronic equipment and battery or other energy storage and auxiliary power generation equipment.

As a key part of the solar battery life long, crystalline silicon solar battery life can reach more than 25 years.

Photovoltaic system is widely used, and the basic forms of photovoltaic system application can be divided into two types: independent power generation system and grid-connected power generation system. The main fields of application are space aircraft, communication system, microwave relay station, TV station, photovoltaic water pump and power supply for power supply. As the technology development and the need of sustainable development of world economy, developed countries have already begun to systematically promote urban photovoltaic (pv) grid power generation, household photovoltaic power generation system and roof mainly construction MW level centralized large-scale grid-connected power generation system, etc., at the same time in terms of transportation and urban lighting vigorously promote the application of solar pv systems.