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The Photovoltaic + Industrial Situation Is Excellent.

Feb 10, 2019

The reason why PV + industry is continuously optimistic is on the one hand, the strong support of national policies, and on the other hand, it has obvious benefits.

Increasing the income for the enterprise and alleviating the burden on the enterprise; the roof of the productive enterprise is as small as several hundred square meters and tens of thousands of square meters. After installing photovoltaic on the industrial and commercial roof, these large-scale idle sites have become valuable resources, revitalizing the enterprise. The fixed assets can not only save electricity, but also the surplus electricity can be sold online. It is estimated that without considering the financing cost, a 20,000 square meter roof, such as the installation of a 2 MW photovoltaic power station, is calculated at an investment cost of 5 yuan per watt, with a total investment of 10 million yuan. If the annual power generation is 2.1 million kWh and the company has a high proportion of self-sufficiency, the investment can be recovered in six or seven years.

Photovoltaic power generation is a clean energy source. Installation can enhance the image of the company; especially in key industries such as petrochemical, building materials, steel, nonferrous metals, paper, electricity, aviation, etc. Installing photovoltaic power plants on the roof will not only help reduce carbon emissions, but also generate electricity. The money to buy carbon emissions can objectively promote the further growth of the company.

However, the use of rooftops to install photovoltaics also has certain risks. The property rights of individual property rights are clear. Generally, there is no property rights problem. The risk of investment and construction of enterprises themselves will be much smaller. However, if the roof of a production enterprise is rented to install photovoltaics, there is a certain risk. For example, photovoltaic power plants are heavily invested and have a 25-year operation period. Enterprises may go bankrupt during the 25-year operation of the power station. In addition, the houses have been mortgaged before the installation, the debts expired, and the houses have been used by the people before they are rented. The court’s seizure by law is a risk factor. Relatively speaking, the roofs of state-owned enterprises, listed companies and foreign companies are preferred because of their strong ability to resist risks and clear property rights.

In recent years, the state has vigorously supported the photovoltaic industry and introduced a number of related normalities, indicating the development direction for photovoltaic poverty alleviation and photovoltaic pension. As an inexhaustible source of green energy, solar photovoltaic power generation has become a new favorite of all walks of life, and it has provided an innovative opportunity for poverty alleviation in rural areas. It is also a new model for poverty alleviation and old-age support that the state strongly supports.

The application of photovoltaic power generation system has been continuously developed, from the earliest ground power station to photovoltaic water surface, photovoltaic agriculture, photovoltaic forestry, photovoltaic fishery, photovoltaic mining, photovoltaic roofing, photovoltaic wall surface, photovoltaic curtain wall, photovoltaic carport and other application forms. Photovoltaic power generation has collided with a large number of sparks in all walks of life. It can be said that photovoltaic power generation is a treasure, and all walks of life are indispensable!

The country's support for the new energy industry, especially the general direction of the photovoltaic industry, has not changed. Only after the rapid growth of the domestic market in the past few years, the policies for subsidies and scale control have been adjusted, but the future of the photovoltaic market is still very worth looking forward to.

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