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What Is The 2018 Household Pv Market? These Three Areas Must Pay Attention!

Jan 27, 2018

Looking back on 2017, the photovoltaic industry does have a very impressive technical performance. These technological breakthroughs have come from the prosperity of China's photovoltaic market, which has been confirmed by research. In recent years, global pv demand has been significantly transferred to emerging markets such as China and India. From a macro perspective, the development of photovoltaic market in China due to the power supply and demand trend of clean production, the strong support of national policy, the cost of photovoltaic (pv) grid power generation gradually reduce and photovoltaic enterprise competitiveness is growing.

Especially under the influence of "One Belt And One Road", China's photovoltaic power generation technology and equipment are constantly expanding. According to the public data, the national pv installation is expected to reach a new height of 50GW in 2017, and the total installed capacity of China has already stabilized in the world.

Although the trend is inevitable, industry insiders still believe that it is not yet out of the picture, or even better than expected. In 2018, the overall installation of photovoltaic power generation will continue to rise, and the polysilicon industry deserves close attention. In addition, in 2017, a handful of distributed photovoltaic power will not reduce the momentum, which is expected to achieve a good performance in 2018.

In contrast to the current generation of distributed photovoltaic power generation, the professionals suggest that in 2018, we will focus on the benefit from three aspects.

I. distributed photovoltaic design.

For example, we can optimize the layout of the series inverter, adjust the spacing of the components, and enhance the wind resistance of the photovoltaic support. The household USES the photovoltaic grid-connected electricity generation to make use of every cent of light, the shading area should be as few as possible to use.

Ii. Material selection of photovoltaic power generation equipment and photovoltaic power generation components.

Generally speaking, photovoltaic modules are selected to ensure normal power, conversion efficiency and after-sales maintenance. At the same time, the support of photovoltaic power station is vulnerable, and it is very important to pay attention to cost performance. In addition, in addition to photovoltaic equipment, photovoltaic parts are also a service contention point.


The construction of photovoltaic power station construction technology, equipment, matching components, and the quality of service. Therefore, the construction is also the important content of the distributed photovoltaic business to further enhance the competitiveness, from the details, to the core of quality, to prevent "the thousands of miles of the dam break the nest".