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Why Isn't The Solar Panel Set On The Top Of The Car

Dec 22, 2018

Why isn't the solar panel set on the top of the car?

Solar energy is an ideal source of energy, and people have never stopped developing it. The use of solar energy, nowadays, is everywhere. Solar water heaters, solar cell phone chargers, solar hair clips, etc.

solar panel

Automobiles have been a very fast-growing industry in China in recent years. Cars need oil, and oil is a non-renewable resource. Therefore, everyone has the idea that it is not very feasible to set up solar panels on the top of the car to provide electricity for the car, thereby saving energy and reducing pollution.

Low conversion rate and insufficient power

Nowadays, the most advanced GaAs thin film power generation technology, with thousands of direct sunlight, has an ideal conversion rate of 31.6%, and the actual conversion rate is about 20%. According to the car solar panel covering an area of 6 square meters, the weather is fine, according to the sun's energy of 1KW / square meter, the daily exposure time of 5H, about 6 degrees of energy can be obtained. The current electric car consumes 15 degrees of electricity per 100 kilometers. You can run up to 40 kilometers a day.

solar panel2

This is calculated according to the highest standard, and half of the actual solar panel illumination area is good. Adding to the dark clouds passing by, half of the energy is almost the same, reducing the conversion rate, and the data is not available for 10 kilometers. Obviously there is not enough power.

Expensive, low price

Thin film solar cells, each square meter, power about 175W, weight 3.5KG, price 1395RMB, the whole car is 6 square meters, need 8370 yuan, while increasing the weight of the car at least 21KG. It is 10 kilometers away every day. Not as good as buying a few lithium batteries is cost-effective, the price is really low.

Maintenance costs are high, affecting the safety of the whole vehicle

The gallium arsenide battery has the characteristics of plasticity, long service life and repairability. However, production costs have been high and it is difficult to popularize. The bumps of the car are inevitable, and the cost of repairing solar panels is high. Post-installation maintenance is not in place, easy to fall off, affecting the driving safety of the car

solar panel1

Invisible pollution, gallium is heavy metal

The solar energy itself is non-polluting, and the power generation process of the gallium arsenide film used is also non-polluting. The finished gallium arsenide is also non-toxic, but the arsenic inside the synthetic process is highly toxic, and gallium is also a heavy metal. The distance is so close every day, there is no hidden pollution. Damaged solar panels have no recycling options and are inevitably contaminated.

At present, the capacity of solar cells is limited, the output power is unstable, and the weather conditions are used to meet the demand for life. Therefore, solar panels will not be installed on the top of the popular car.

Solar cell technology is also making continuous progress. One day we will drive natural solar cars and travel thousands of miles.

Yangtze Solar Power Co.,Ltd 

E-mail: info@yangtze-solar.com
Phone: 0086-173 3300 5102

Wechat: 188 5826 1705

Web: www.yangtze-power.com

Add: No.231 Shufeng Road , Shushan , Heifei , Anhui P.R. China 

No.3, Huaxing Road , Jintan, Jiangsu P.R. China 

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